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We Want Photos of Your Door (Yes, Your Door)!

we want photos of your door
The front doors at the homes of a few Towson High School Varsity Baseball players


Every April, we write about sports. It’s one of our favorite issues to put together—you can tell from the effort that our designers put into the covers, and also the stories we have reported.

we want photos of your door
Our April 2018 cover, designed by Jennifer Perkins-Frantz, a lacrosse parent; photo by David Stuck

This year, of course, none of our children are on the track, lacrosse field or softball diamond. My household knows this acutely, because my son is missing his senior season of baseball. He is a catcher who plays for Towson High School, and his team last played in a scrimmage against Loch Raven High School on March 11. He hit three doubles, and I thought, wow, what a fun season this is going to be.

There is so little we can control right now, but there is a lot we can express: our love for our schools and our kids, and our hope that we come out of this better somehow.

A little project

A few of my fellow baseball parents and I came up with a little project to show support for our athletes. We decorated our doors with our sons’ uniforms.

I’d like to challenge other parents at our high school and at schools in our readership area to decorate their doors, too. Send me a photo and I will post it on and our social media. I’m easy to find: I’m at [email protected]. Or you can post and tag us, @baltimoreschild.

Here are more resources for parenting in a pandemic.

We’d love to see all sports and all schools represented. Maybe we can’t play our rivals right now (yeah, I’m looking at you, Dulaney and Hereford), but we can keep the competitive spirit going and do something lighthearted in this dark time.

Most of all, readers, be well and be safe. Know that our staff is thinking of you and your kids.

About Jessica Gregg

Jessica Gregg is the former editor of Baltimore's Child. She is a happy rowhouse dweller and mother of two.

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