Mom Life Lindsay Balent

Lives: New Market

Family: Husband, Tom, and daughter, Laven, 5

Occupation: Co-Owner and Instructor, Maryland Allstars

Tell us about your work and how you got in this field.
I am the co-owner of Maryland Allstars, an athletic program based in Eldersburg. We offer many activities but specialize in all-star cheerleading. As a former cheerleader, I was never quite ready to hang up my pom-poms. I realized the need for all-star training, and my partner and I went to great lengths to build our business from the ground up. For the past 10 years, I have pushed forward to provide young athletes with the same incredible experiences the sport brought into my life.

Do you have a mentor or role model?
My business partner, Sandy Fusee, is an incredible woman, and I have gained so much from her. Sandy’s background in finance has played an integral role in making Maryland Allstars everything it is today. I taught Sandy a lot about cheerleading, and she has made me well-versed in important business practices.

What advice can you give working parents?
Utilize technology. This doesn’t come easy for me, but that’s where my tech-savvy husband, Tom, comes in. There are so many gadgets out there that allow us to work smarter, not harder. I don’t always have all the answers, but my iPhone does.

What is the best advice another parent gave you?
To be true to yourself. We were all born with an innate set of strengths and abilities. Once I embraced who I was, I found my purpose. I love what I do so my job never feels like work. I hope that my daughter sees how meaningful my career is to me and that I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish.

How do you manage your career and family life?
Being a mom in the workforce is challenging. My partner, Sandy, and I divide responsibilities and make sure that we allow each other opportunities to be with our separate families. I schedule outings at least once a week so my family has something to look forward to. Sandy takes over the business then, and I prioritize making memories with my family.

How do you de-stress?
On Friday afternoons I have a meet-up with a group of moms at our favorite spot. My husband watches my daughter, and we submerge ourselves in girl time. It is invaluable to have a great support network.

What’s next for you?
Recently I became a Connection Leader for the U.S. All Star Federation, the governing body of all-star cheerleading. This position allows me to use my knowledge and experience as a platform to assist others in growing their all-star businesses. I believe that when we help others, we also help ourselves. I look forward to growing Maryland Allstars and hope to make a profound impact on all-star cheerleading as a whole.

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