How to Make Father’s Day Special


Father’s Day is the time of year when we thank the father figures in our lives for all the guidance and love they’ve shown us. Explore some of the following ideas for ways you can make this Father’s Day special.

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Have a picnic in your living room.


Avoid the hassle of getting a spot at a busy park by staying in and staying comfortable. Lay out a blanket and some pillows and maybe move the sofa to make room for everyone. You can carry in your snacks and drinks from the kitchen and put them on a coffee table or an upside-down box. Be sure to play Dad’s favorite music. You can take turns telling stories as a family about the things he’s done to make you smile.


Take an all-dads family photo.


Take a family picture where everyone is dressed up as dad. You can do this by wearing his shirts or dressing in the same style. Everyone will love this fun way to show support for dad this Father’s Day by letting him know you look up to him with this cute souvenir.


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Make a dad’s care basket.


We’ve all seen fruit baskets, and I’m sure we all have our favorite piece of each one, but for a Father’s Day gift, you’ll want to do something different. Fill the basket with Dad’s favorite snacks, candies, cheeses and goodies. Make sure Dad knows he’s supposed to sleep in on Father’s Day. Before he wakes up, hide the basket in the house. Have every member of the family (if they’re old enough) come up with one hint to give him, and when he wakes up, let the fun begin!


Go on a hike as a family. Then frame it.


If you’re looking for ways to spend time outdoors this Father’s Day, try going hiking. Take a picture of the family at the start and end of the trail. After the hike, develop the photos and put them in a two-image picture frame with the first pic in the first slot and the second pic in the second. You can decorate the frame with cute stickers that spell “Father’s Day” along with the date the photos were taken.


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Visit a pottery studio and make a memory.


Go to a pottery studio together and make Father’s Day mugs, something he’ll use every day with his coffee (or tea). These mugs will last for a long time, hopefully even into your children’s adult lives. The father in your life will always be able to cherish the memories of a special Father’s Day gift with every sip.


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