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Beat the Heat With These 8 Summer Water Games

Beat the Heat with These 8 Summer Water Activities

Whether you need fun summer party games or new ideas for staying cool when temperatures soar, the following eight DIY water games will keep your kids refreshed and entertained all summer long. DIY Sprinkler Why buy a sprinkler when you can make your own? This DIY hack from the Housing …

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4 Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds for Baltimore Kids

As parents, we teach our children to be inclusive of others. Why shouldn’t play spaces celebrate children with many types of abilities? A growing number of playgrounds and recreational facilities are creating play areas and structures accessible to children of various physical capabilities. From therapeutic swings to sensory panels, the …

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Spotting a Speech Disorder in Children

When my son was a toddler, he couldn’t pronounce the letter “R.” Words like “river” were “wivuh” and “crab” became “cwab.” At the time, I thought these speech errors only made his chubby-cheeked baby-talk ramblings all the more endearing. As he entered kindergarten, he learned to read and write, but …

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Breakthroughs With Human-Horse Bonds

There is magic in the moment when something reaches and teaches a child in ways typical school settings can’t. For some children with special needs, this breakthrough is found with horses. For almost 20 years, the nonprofit Rose of Sharon Equestrian School (ROSES) has provided equine-facilitated learning services that draw …

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Baltimore’s Child: Readers’ Choice | 2021 Winners

Thank you, readers, for participating once again in our annual Readers’ Choice poll. We’ve counted all of your ballots, and the results are in. Discover the attractions, businesses, people and places that we’re honoring with our Readers’ Choice awards this year. Learn about and share the following organizations and professionals …

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Top 10 Family Events for July

Discover some fun activities taking place in the Baltimore area and beyond this month. Click below to download the PDF from the July 2021 issue of Baltimore’s Child.

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Editor’s Picks for July

WowWee Pop2Play Your child can zip down a rainbow slide, drive a race car or become a chef without leaving home. Easy to assemble and store, these pop-up play sets are made from durable cardboard that’s sturdy enough to hold up to 50 pounds. $25-$40, ages 2+, Brio Battery-Operated …

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2021 Summer Camps and Education

Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center

Located in northern Baltimore County, Genesee Valley’s summer camp programs maximize our farmland’s natural aspects, including our lakes, forest, and trails, to offer children opportunities to unplug and gain new experiences in nature. Programs are offered for ten weeks for campers ages 4-16 June through August. Campers can experience our …

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[email protected] Summer Classes

It’s time for kids to have fun again. CCBC is ready with a whole array of kids’ classes on campus and online filled with fun and learning. Whether you want academics, STEM, cooking or something more active, we have a class for that. CCBC has been offering summer classes for …

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Merritt Clubs Summer Camps

COVID-19 may have prevented children from meeting in person at school this year, but Merritt Clubs has a whole host of offerings to keep your kids entertained and engaged this summer. Our goal is to make sure that every child has the best summer experience ever, while of course keeping …

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From Our Partners

Meet the Camps: Camp Rock

In connection with the Baltimore’s Child Virtual Summer Camps and Activities Fair, we’re introducing you to some of the many summer camp participants. Today, you’ll meet Camp Rock. Learn more about the weekly themed summer camp sessions for ages 4-12. Watch our video interview below. Contact: Camp Rock | 410-665-7461

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Baby Essentials for New Parents

The first few months of a baby’s life are bewildering. New moms must decipher signs and symptoms without any sort of cheat-sheet. Why is she crying? Is it fatigue? Hunger? Pain? If only your baby could talk! Because there’s so much guesswork, it’s imperative that parents are prepared for everything …

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Playing it Safe

youth sports during covid-19

During this pandemic, so many cherished routines have been sacrificed, and the loss of sports is one that really stings for lots of kids. Not only do sports provide a way to stay fit and have fun, but they are also sources of socialization and confidence. And, of course, they …

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