Dad Life: Zachary Wein


Dad Life: Zachary Wein

Meet this month’s Dad Life interview, Zachary Wein.

Title: Agent, Baltimore Police Department
Family: wife, Emily; and kids, Paden, 12; Wyatt, 9; and Alice, 6

Five things you can’t live without?

It may sound corny but I believe the only things I couldn’t live without are the people in my family. My wife and children are everything to me. I really can’t think of one physical possession other than our home that I couldn’t do without.

What is your favorite chore?

My favorite chores are vacuuming and making my bed in the morning. I love to start the day off with the feeling that the house is in order, and making my bed gives me that feeling. Vacuuming gives me immense satisfaction as well. I gain immediate gratification from hearing that steady removal of grime. So maybe my answer to number one should include the Dyson vacuum cleaner in the house. My family and the vacuum. Not too weird right?

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Tell us about your career.

I taught kindergarten at a school in upstate New York but wanted to be closer to my girlfriend, who later became my wife. I moved to Baltimore and applied to the Baltimore City Police Department. I thought that my girlfriend would be thrilled when I was accepted. To say the least, she was not pleased. Mostly she feared for my safety, and she told me I could keep that occupation for one year until I found something else.

That was almost 18 years ago. I had a great deal to learn about Baltimore and still continue to learn each day. I have been a full-time member of the SWAT team for almost 13 years now and have worked with some of the best people I have ever known. Every day I learn something about the human condition, which, in doing what I do, is not always positive. But I continue to maintain a positive view of people and feel fulfilled in the career that has chosen me. I would not trade my life and experiences for anything.

What would you do if you had one hour without any responsibilities?

If I had one hour with no responsibility, I would sit under a breezy tent on a nice day and watch the ocean. It so relaxing and a great reminder of how amazing our world is.

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What do you love about parenting?

My favorite part about being a dad is coming home after a long day. My children still run out to meet me, hugging me and telling me about all of their adventures from the day.

What do you find challenging about raising kids?

The most challenging part about being a dad is that you can’t always be their friend. Teaching little people to be responsible for their actions can be hard, but is very necessary.

How are you able to maintain a social life?

My wife is a great helper in maintaining a social life with work and parenting. We have an awesome network of friends and she is much better than me at making socializing a priority. She is a wonderful planner (don’t tell her), and that keeps our life very balanced.

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How do you take care of your mental and physical health?

My home life is so stable that mental and physical health comes far easier. My wife is very active athletically and understands how important staying physical is to staying sane and feeling confident. We make sure that we give each other the time to workout during our stressful days, which makes us both relaxed and happy.

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