Dad Life: Reagan Warfield

Dad Life Reagan Warfield

This month’s Dad Life interview is Reagan Warfield.

Title: Morning show host, MIX 106.5
Lives: Hunt Valley
Family: wife, Sara; and daughter, Adeline, 3

Five things you can’t live without?

My phone to document my family’s life, especially (and this is a big one for a radio guy) to capture my little girl’s voice. The Voice Memo app has her “Wheels on the Bus” rendition preserved forever, along with many little chats we’ve had and just simple moments I won’t ever forget now.

Thrift stores and eBay. The total explosion of toddler stuff in our house is slightly less shameful because of the deals we’ve gotten on secondhand clothes and toys.

My favorite cookbook: the Internet. I really don’t know how people lived in a time before they could enter any dish or ingredients into Google and come up with tons of highly rated recipes.

My Fitbit. My grandfather was an incredibly hard-working dairy farmer, so it’s a bit embarrassing that I need to have a thing on my wrist toremind me to move throughout the day, but, hey, this is 2020.

“Jeopardy!” I’m a third-generation, unapologetic “Jeopardy!” nerd, and I’m guessing my daughter will take it to the fourth generation. I love the trivia, the strategy and even the contestants’ often not-too-exciting stories.

What’s your favorite chore?

Anything to do with our outdoor area where there’s instant gratification, from mulching to weeding to working the chainsaw. Man, I didn’t realize what a stereotypical dad answer I could give. One minute, my biggest chore is finding the best happy hour in Federal Hill, the next minute, I’m the cliché power tool dad. Whatever, I own it.

What do you love about being a dad?

Watching this little human develop her personality is amazing. Her curiosity and imagination give me life. Out of nowhere, she can say the funniest thing or ask the most inquisitive question that shows a little insight into what’s going through her mind.

What do you find challenging about raising kids?

There are no rules, and no one truly knows what they’re doing. We’re all just working off best educated guesses and trial and error. We’re all doing our best, and we’re also all totally aware that we’re screwing it up. It’s this beautifully complex thing, and it’s amazing anybody signs up for it, and yet there’s a beauty in how it’s the most fulfilling thing we can do as people.

How do you take care of your mental and physical health?

For my mental health, I think the most important thing for me is having good family and friends to talk about life with. On the physical side of things, I do my best to get some good sleep. And I know that when I eat better, I feel better, which is why I could talk to you to obnoxious levels about cauliflower rice, kombucha and my favorite Whole30 recipes.

What’s something your family loves to do together?

Anything that can provide our daughter with a new experience, from zip lining to finding a new restaurant to finding a free local festival. It’s always fun to see these things through her awe-struck eyes.

What’s something that makes the parenthood-career juggle a little bit easier?

The flexibility of Sara’s schedule. I’ve got a pretty rigid, and at times rigorous, schedule, and I constantly wonder and appreciate how single parents do it. And just like having an awesome partner on the radio, we can always help each other out if the other one is struggling a bit.

What’s next for you?

We’ve got a few secret projects going on at the radio station that I’m pretty excited about. Twenty years into my career and it definitely feels like some of the biggest stuff is around the corner. As for the family, we’ve got preschool coming up! And hopefully a solid vacation.

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  1. Love ya, Reagan! As a father of three wonderful girls, I respect and admire your life philosophies. Keep strong, and thanks for a great Morning Show. Please express my gratitude to Bethany as well.

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