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Baltimore’s Child Wins Top Parenting Media Association Award in 2023 10 awards for the family magazine at this year's national conference

Cute little girl having fun on a swing

Baltimore’s Child earned national recognition at The Parenting Media Association 2023 Design and Editorial Awards Program on Friday with 10 awards, including six top awards within their categories and an overall award for general excellence. The awards ceremony was held Nov. 3 at the PMA’s annual conference in Chicago, Illinois. …

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Too Sick for School? Why Pediatric Specialists Should Play a Bigger Role in Their Patients' Education

Education and medicine may seem like two completely different areas of support for a child, but when it comes to children with chronic or complex illnesses, they are more dependent on each other than you’d think. Research on childhood cancer patients during the pandemic showed their academic needs were not …

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‘Raising a Little Hell’ at Camp Paul Newman Local camps encourage kids with serious illnesses or disabilities to experience life to the fullest through inclusive camps

Camper Victoria Saunders loves swimming at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in the summer. It’s not an activity she usually gets to do. Living with sickle cell disease, 12-year-old Victoria can’t jump into a cold pool or lake, lest the sudden temperature change triggers a pain crisis. At …

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