School closure extends to April 24


Maryland school officials announced today that all public schools will remain closed an additional four weeks through Friday, April 24. Schools are currently closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through our community.

State education officials “do not make this decision lightly,” said Superintendent Karen Salmon, who leads the Maryland State Department of Education.

school closure extends to april 24

School districts will now focus on continuity of learning and baseline standards for what kids are expected to learn during this time as well as good solutions for students with disabilities.

Summer-school or year-round learning is also being considered as options as kids spend more time out of the classroom, Salmon said.

“We are going to look at all kinds of creative solutions moving forward,” she said.

School websites

Here are the websites for schools in our area so parents can find what’s planned for their children.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore County Public Schools

Carroll County Public Schools

Harford County Public Schools

Child care

Another important goal for the state’s education system is to provide child care for hospital workers, first responders, food distribution workers and other front-line employees who have been affected by the school closure, Salmon said. So far, the state has created a network of places such as YMCAs, the Maryland School for the Blind and other locations that can provide care for 1,200 children.

They hope to increase that number to 2,500, Salmon said.

Parents who need this resource can call 1-877-261-0060.

Meals for students

There are currently 500 food distribution sites across the state for children who need meals. Parents can find those locations here.

More resources for parents

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