Parent You Should Know: Melissa Seltzer

Melissa Seltzer and her husband smile in blue clothing while holding their sons.
Melissa Seltzer and family | Photo by Julie Holsey Photography

Melissa Seltzer is the Senior Director of Community Arts for the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore’s arts education programming for adults and children. She lives in Westminster with her husband (Evan) and sons Dylan (2 1/2) and Brody (8 weeks).

What do you love the most about being a parent?

Being a parent pushes me to be present and grateful. The excitement over the sight of a new truck during our commute became a cause for celebration. Even when I’m not with my boys, I seem to notice things I took for granted before and smile a whole lot more.





How do you balance your career with parenthood?

There is no such thing as balance. (You are) more like a plate spinner who is just trying to keep everything in motion and (who) gives the most attention to the thing that needs it most.

What’s your biggest parenting fail?

In our desire to keep with tradition, we took our annual anniversary trip to Deep Creek Lake—with our 8-week-old! He already wasn’t a good sleeper, and we just hoped he would sleep in a travel bassinet. Needless to say we spent the night wide awake, taking turns (in) making sure we didn’t wake the guests next door and get kicked out!

What’s the one thing you hope your children learn from you as a parent?

Compassion. Everyone is going through a struggle you can’t see. Just be kind (and) helpful to everyone.

What’s the best part about raising your family in central Maryland?

The playgrounds in Carroll County are incredible. Each one is unique with diverse (equipment from which) to climb, swing and slide, and (they are) free to the community.

Family Favorites

Family Meal: Make your own pizza. Tip: Ask your favorite local pizza place for a ball of dough!
Dessert: Ice cream! We love Hoffman’s!
Book To Read Together: Depends on the week you ask! It doesn’t matter what the book is. The time for curiosity and pretend is the best part.
Way To Spend a Weekend with Your Family: We love to be able to say “please touch” instead of “don’t touch.” For that reason, we keep busy, whether it’s a farm, Orioles game or mini golf, we like to introduce the kids to new experiences where they can learn and explore.
Vacation Spot: Solomons Island

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