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Camp Is for All Kids!

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People who work at camps for children with special needs will often report one universal truth about these programs. Once the kids enter the camp’s grounds, they’re no longer defined by their mental or physical health challenges. They’re kids!

This idea alone is an excellent reason to consider summer camp for your child with special needs. Camp is an excellent experience for all children, as it instills confidence, independence and life skills in all children. Camp is also a great place to create new friendships.

Each year, more than 1 million children with special needs attend a summer camp experience in their area. If you’re considering camp for your child, you’ll discover many options available.

Some summer camps are designed specifically for children with special needs (including those serving a particular population, such as kids with type 1 diabetes or autism). Other camps provide a traditional camp experience where your child can participate with other kids who don’t have special needs. Day camps, overnight camps, camps with religious affiliations, music, art, sports, nature and more offer possibilities.

Consider the camps featured in our Baltimore’s Child camps directory online. Ask for recommendations from other parents or advocates for children with special needs. Use the American Camp Association’s “Find a Camp” link at Then do your homework. Visit camps, ask plenty of questions and be sure to get your child involved in the camp review and selection process.

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