‘Baltimore’s Child’ Excels at 2021 Parenting Media Association Awards Recognition

Baltimore’s Child received eight awards for publication excellence from the 2021 Parenting Media Association’s (PMA) annual conference held in St. Petersburg, Florida, Nov. 14-16.

Explore which stories and designs won in the categories below.


Baltimore's Child November 2020
Baltimore’s Child November 2020/ Winner- Front Cover: Use of Stock Photo


Column: Child Development & Parenting Issues

Contributing writer Erica Rimlinger garnered a gold award for one of her columns, “4 Traits for a New Year,” in the February 2020 issue, which focuses on lessons in stepping back as parents to let children learn and grow, and “Ain’t Misbehaving,” detailing the use of “stimming” to manage sensory issues.


Ain't Misbhehavin Dec. 2020
“Ain’t Misbehavin'” by Erica Rimlinger, December 2020/ Winner: Column. Click on the image above for a downloadable PDF of the full article.


Baltimore's Child February 2020
Baltimore’s Child February 2020


Column: Family Matters

Courtney McGee earned a gold award for her columns “Keep On Keeping On” and “Distorted Lens.” The first discusses the benefits of play dates at any age, especially in managing changes brought about by COVID-19. The second, which appears in the March 2020 issue, offers an evidence-based approach at preventing harmful thoughts about body image.

Baltimore's Child March 2020
Baltimore’s Child March 2020

Of “Distorted Lens,” PMA judges say, “It’s a much-needed article in these days of more on-screen time thanks to being home so often and the negativity of many web posts. No nonsense allowed—only caring responses. And this article leads readers on a wonderful path.”


Personal Essay

When My Kid Became My Hero” by Kerrie Brooks took home the bronze award in this category. The story details an “initially frightening” tale of an emergency room visit that showed how children can be capable of kind and heroic acts.


Special Section Within a Publication

Baltimore’s Child editorial staff earned a silver award for the magazine’s “B’More Inclusive” special section for October 2020. Judges highlighted its variety in providing a broad range of materials, such as agency references and a breakdown of vocabulary needed to navigate special needs services.

“It’s obvious that careful planning made this excellent resource possible,” judges note.


B’More Inclusive October 2020/ Winner: Special Section Within a Publication


Front Cover: Use of Stock Photo

Art director Sherley Taliaferro was awarded silver for her use of a stock photo for her Thanksgiving-themed cover of the November 2020 issue. She received a special shoutout for its typography and the “slightly silly emotion” it conveyed in keeping with the spirit of the season.


Single-Page Design

Design for a “DIY” page featuring a Thanksgiving craft earned art director Rachel Levitan a silver award.

“The design, using step-by-step photographs and instructions, makes it easy to follow directions. The soft leaves at the bottom and left balance the page,” judges write.


Baltimore’s Child DIY November 2020/ Winner: Single-Page Design


Special Section

The Baltimore’s Child art department was recognized with a silver award for the design of “B’More Inclusive.” Bold color and simple, clear design were praised, along with carefully-selected photos that accompanied stories well.


Overall Design

Baltimore’s Child took home a silver award for overall design of the magazine. Noted were the good variety in feature layouts, clear labeling of sections consistently placed from issue to issue and a range of visuals that contributed to the publication’s feeling of liveliness.


The Parenting Media Association is a national trade association of regional parenting media companies with magazines, websites and events across America and around the globe to Australia.

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