Courtney McGee

Courtney McGee is a freelance writer, cancer warrior, runner/triathlete and compulsive Candy Crusher. She lives in Towson with her husband, their three children and their high-maintenance rescued hound dog.

Breakthroughs With Human-Horse Bonds Rose of Sharon Equestrian School promotes possibilities for children with special needs

There is magic in the moment when something reaches and teaches a child in ways typical school settings can’t. For some children with special needs, this breakthrough is found with horses. For almost 20 years, the nonprofit Rose of Sharon Equestrian School (ROSES) has provided equine-facilitated learning services that draw …

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Only But a Dream Nightmares and terrors are common sleep disturbances for children

A wail for “mommy!” and pitter-pattering feet in the hall. Many parents know the sounds of sleep disturbances. Sometimes, dreams get scary, and children turn to parents for comfort. On average, people dream about two hours per night. offers some theories about why we dream, including building memory, handling …

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Dramatic Rewards Participation in Theater Arts Can Benefit Children with Learning Differences

In a world where too many school systems undervalue the arts, beacons of hope and success show us how the arts can be presented. These schools realize the transformational power of bringing creativity into the curriculum, especially for children with learning differences, atypical development or disabilities. Theater, in particular, presents …

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Tips to Make the Medicine Go Down Ease your children's fears so that they can feel better, faster

Helping children take medicine

At some point during his or her childhood, your son or daughter will need to take some type of medication—vitamin D drops for breastfed babies, bubblegum pink amoxicillin for a bout of strep throat, acetaminophen for an occasional fever or prescription drugs to treat chronic conditions. If you’ve ever struggled …

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