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Preventing Harm from Wildfire Smoke Information and advice from a local pediatrician

An orange-colored sun shines between the wires of a powerline in a hazy sky.

Since Tuesday, June 6, smoke has flowed down from Canada to cover much of the northeastern United States, blanketing cities from New York to Washington, D.C., including Baltimore. But this smoke isn’t just irritating. it can be dangerous, especially for vulnerable populations. We spoke to Theresa Nguyen, a pediatrician who …

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Skin Conditions of Pregnancy: A Guide A lot of things change when you get pregnant, including your skin. Here's how you can take care of it and what to keep an eye out for.

A pregnant woman applies lotion to her stomach.

With any pregnancy comes changes to a mother’s skin—such as a growing belly that stretches the skin — but beyond that there are other skin changes brought about by hormones. “Because of [hormones], we see changes to our skin, hair and nails,” says Jamie Goldberg, who has been a dermatologist …

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