Serial Reading


“The Universe of Stories” is the theme of Baltimore County Public Library’s summer reading program. Let your kids embrace new worlds and new characters with these series that will get them reading through the summer.

National Geographic’s latest series of board books introduces even the youngest children to high-quality nonfiction. Sturdy pages showcase animals with engaging photographs, simple facts and age-appropriate language to keep babies and toddlers fascinated by every colorful page.

Using objects from the British Museum, this unique series of board books encourages children to engage with early learning concepts. Curious toddlers will enjoy learning their letters, numbers, opposites and colors with beautiful photographic images on every page.

‘Space’ by Dawn Sirett

“Space” is the newest title in the Pop-Up Peekaboo! series from Dorling Kindersley. As parents and caregivers read along, they can help their toddler lift the flaps and guess what surprises are hiding underneath. This series has a range of titles from Bedtime to Colors to Space and are a fun and engaging way to entertain your toddler.

‘Ruby & Rufus’ by Olivier Dunrea

In the newest addition to the Gossie and Friends series, Ruby and Rufus are two little goslings who love to swim and play in the pond. They swim every day whether it is sunny, rainy or windy until one day when they find the pond is frozen. Even the icy cold can’t keep them from enjoying their day on the pond. Ruby and Rufus are sure to please as are all of the other Gossie and Friends books.



Young Readers
‘The Traveling Dustball’ by Judith Henderson

Funny and eye-catching, the second collection in the Big Words Small Stories series is perfect for emerging readers. Davey and his dog Abigail get caught on a dustball which takes them on an international adventure. As the two travel to far-away lands, the Sprinkle Fairy appears to slip a BIG WORD in each of the five stories. With bubbly words like “lollygagging” and original comic illustrations, children won’t be able to wait for the next in the series.

‘Good Dog, McTavish’ by Meg Rosoff

Meet the Peacheys, a family in chaos, who luckily adopt McTavish from the animal shelter. McTavish is a wonderful character with strong opinions and secret plans to get the dysfunction out of this household. Short chapters, a relatable family and a special dog make this a charming choice for readers who will wonder who really picked whom in this situation when McTavish notes “humans make excellent pets.” This is the first in the McTavish Stories series.

‘The Serpent’s Secret’ by Sayantani DasGupta

This is the first in the Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series. New Jersey sixth-grader Kiranmala’s parents always told her she was a princess and on her 12th birthday she finds out it is true … although they left out some stuff. For example, she is also an interdimensional demon slayer. On her birthday which is also Halloween, her parents are kidnapped by a rakkhosh demon and two princes appear on her doorstep to accompany her into another dimension to save her parents. An engaging laugh-out-loud fantasy adventure.

‘The Revenge of Magic’ by James Riley

And this is the first in the Revenge of Magic series. Thirteen years ago, books of magic were found in sites around the world. Now, on a vacation to Washington, D.C., Fort Fitzgerald watches helplessly as his father is taken by a giant monster that has risen up from the earth attacking the city. It is soon discovered that only those born after the appearance of the books can use the magic found therein to fight the monsters. Fort is invited to a government run school to learn magic and is eager to avenge his father, but all is not as it seems at the Oppenheimer Academy.

‘Kingsbane’ by Claire Legrand

After the instant success of the first book in the Empirium trilogy, “Furyborn,” Legrand returns with a bang in its sequel. Older teens and fantasy-loving adults will appreciate the mind-twisting time-traveling that is a hallmark of this series, following Sun Queen Rielle and her daughter Eliana, who lives hundreds of years in the future. Issues including agency, power struggles and destiny fill this page-turner.

‘Witch Hat Atelier’ by Kamome Shirahama

Named one of the top 10 new manga in Japan last year, this beautifully illustrated work was fast-tracked to be translated into English and made available to a new audience on this side of the ocean. In a magic-filled world, Coco is a young girl without any powers. At least she believes so, until she meets Qifrey, who has a way with magic that Coco has never seen before. With at least three more volumes on the way, this series shows that one’s perspective and self-reliance are powerful things.


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