Seeking Youth Diplomats

The World Trade Center Institute (WTCI) recently announced its new Youth Diplomats Program for 25 Maryland high school juniors and seniors interested in becoming the next generation of international leaders.

How will they accomplish this? By building leadership and cross-cultural communication skills through a series of workshops, meetings with professionals and volunteer opportunities.

The program is currently looking for students who are curious about the world, open to diverse perspectives and committed to making an impact locally and globally. They also must be advocates for human rights, equality and peace, says Zachary Sheaffer, the assistant manager for programs and events for WTCI.

The free eight-month program is funded by one of its founding members, Jim Albrecht as part of the Albrecht Fellowships. It will include eight workshops, held one Saturday a month, from January through August 2020.

“The Albrecht Fellowships are designed in alignment with Jim’s passion for educating youth and addressing global issues,” Sheaffer says. “It incorporates components like a group trip to Washington D.C., a meeting with the International Visitors Leadership Program group and a hosted dinner with international families.”

How the program works

Outside of these eight workshops, students will increase their cultural competency and be able to demonstrate their knowledge of global affairs to colleges and future employers. They will also gain 25 service-learning hours, a connection to the network of Youth Diplomats from around the country and the ability to demonstrate knowledge of global affairs to colleges and employers.

The program is in its inaugural year, and Sheaffer says he is excited for students to experience hands-on learning in their own community.

“In my opinion, this program is so beneficial to students because it prepares them to make their mark on the world. There are a variety of issues that we face today, both right here in Baltimore and across the globe that we must address in the near future,” he says. “This program will empower talented young leaders with the knowledge, tools and confidence to make a positive impact locally and globally. They are our future leaders.”

Students can apply and submit an application for the program on the official website, along with two letters of recommendation.

Applications for the program are due by Friday, Nov. 1. Click here for more information.

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