Musical Partnership Bears Fruit

Baltimore School for the Arts students perform “The Nutcracker: A Magic Tale in Mount Vernon” with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, one of the first collaborations from a new partnership between their
school the BSO. Their next event together is in March. (PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BALTMORE

A rekindled partnership between Baltimore School for the Arts (BSA)—a local public performing arts high school and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) is already sparking inspiration.

Early this winter, BSO and BSA collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind Nutcracker performance, centered on Mount Vernon. This was the first opportunity for many of the students to dance to a live orchestra. Rosalind “Roz” Cauthen, BSA’s executive director, says this opportunity expanded the students’ knowledge, thinking and technical skills because they had to listen and respond in a different way than when they perform to recorded tracks.

The updated, contemporary performance, “The Nutcracker: A Magic Tale in Mount Vernon,” was choreographed by Amy Hall Garner, a New York City -based photographer from Huntsville, Alabama. The performance ran from Dec. 8 through Dec. 16.

The benefits of this partnership are many—and they go both ways. The school is working with BSO’s composer-in-residence, James Lee III, who is now creating an original composition based on a painting by Quinn Bryant, a former BSA student who is now a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University.

Baltimore’s music enthusiasts can feel the fresh energy and experience unified for themselves with a side-by-side event scheduled in March—a composer mentoring project taking place during James Lee’s residency. The event will feature students performing side-by-side with their professional mentors.

“They’ll be playing challenging music, and our students listen to how they play, the pacing and the structure of the music,” Cauthen says.

Children’s Thrift Store to Open in Timonium

Kids grow like weeds. The shoes parents buy today may only fit for half the year, and that Christmas dinosaur T-shirt won’t even fit by April. For parents in the Timonium area, a solution has arrived.

Once Upon a Child is a chain of shops that allows parents to recycle their children’s nearly new items in exchange for cash or trade the items for things their kids need now.

Its new location is at 55 East Padonia Road, in Timonium. The local store owners recently hosted a series of open interview days in preparation of opening their doors to the public.

The shop will buy and sell clothing and footwear for boys, girls and babies; toys, books and games; furniture, shelves and other baby gear.

For parents interested in selling their gently-used children’s items, the process begins with bringing the item into the store, where a store employee will review it and make an offer based on the style, safety and condition of the item. According to Once Upon a Child, apparel should be in ready-to-wear condition and neatly folded or laid flat in a box, bin or tote. Equipment and toys must meet safety standards and have all parts. Sellers should be prepared to show ID.

The most desired items will vary, but parents can call ahead at the Timonium location, at 410-403-9236, to learn which items are in demand.

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