Mom on the Move Priscilla Morales

Lives: Baltimore

Children: Billy, 10; Paige, 6

Occupation: Associate Head of School, The Park School of Baltimore

What is a typical week like for you?

I cannot even define typical! My week is a nice blend of home and Park. Most of my time during the school week is spent in meetings and classrooms. I am constantly thinking about the school — what is best for our students, ways to support our inspiring faculty, how we can advance our programming. As a Park family, we spend a considerable amount of time at school, but we also make sure that we explore Baltimore and get to know other members of the community outside of the school. On the weekends, I like to spend time with my family. My children are busy with swim practice and playdates, but my husband and I try to prioritize long brunches and superhero movies. I also attempt to catch up on personal emails and any articles that I save over the course of the week.

Why education?

From my first paid job in ninth grade as a math helper, I have enjoyed working with young people. Students are excited about learning new things and their perspectives are interesting and varied. I also feel energized by students’ curiosity; if they have a question, I want to dig deeper right alongside them. I always knew that I would work in education and have been lucky to take on such varied roles along the way.

What were you like as a student?

Oh, so nerdy! I attended an independent school on tuition assistance, which made me want to take advantage of every single course, initiative and activity offered. I especially loved all of my history electives and still speak to many of my previous teachers. I played flute in the orchestra, ran for student government, played field hockey, basketball and lacrosse, started a Hispanic/Latino student affinity group, tutored other students … the list goes on and on. I loved school and I loved being part of the school community.

How do you balance work with parenting?

It is a challenge, but I feel fortunate that my children attend Park. I strongly believe in Park’s philosophy and our incredibly passionate faculty members, so I am constantly grateful that Billy and Paige are students here. I have many late nights, for sure, but my children know it is because I am working hard to support the vision of Park. When I am with them, I try to be fully present. We play many, many rounds of “Would You Rather,” which always gives me a glimpse into their current likes and dislikes. I am also really lucky to have a partner who is able to do a major portion of the parenting.

What are you looking forward to in your career?

It’s interesting being an educator because you are always trying to prepare young people for a future that is unknown. I am excited to see how education will shift and turn and for Park to be at the forefront of that important work.

How do you spend your free time?

READING. I love to read and usually have a rotation of three books at a time. Right now, I am reading Jesmyn Ward’s “Sing, Unburied, Sing,” Roxane Gay’s “Hunger,” and Pam Muñoz Ryan’s “Esperanza Rising.”



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