Fourth of July Kids’ Craft Fireworks

If you’re looking for a way to get you and your family into the Independence Day spirit, we’ve got you covered. This glitter fireworks craft is a budget-friendly, fun way to create an awesome decoration. Happy Fourth of July!

4th of July fireworks craft
Photo by Heather M. Ross



  • Black construction paper
  • Glow-in-the-dark liquid craft glue (if you can’t find this glue, you can use regular liquid craft glue)
  • Glitter


Supplies for 4th of July craft glue, construction paper and more
Photo by Heather M. Ross
Blank sheet of construction paper with glue off to the side for 4th of July craft
Photo by Heather M. Ross











1. Place a single sheet of black construction paper on a work surface in front of you.

2. Help your child write his or her name in the center of the page using the glue.

3. With guidance, help your child make fireworks designs with glue on the page. It’s OK if the glue gets a little messy. The final design will look great once it’s covered in glitter.

4. Shake your desired colors of glitter over the parts of the paper containing the glue. Tip: Use red, white and blue glitter to add extra patriotic flair to the design.

5. While carefully holding the paper over a trash container, gently jostle the paper until all the glitter on it is stuck to the glue or has slid off of the page. Tip: Using a mostly empty trash container is best for this step since you can place the entire paper inside the container before shaking to remove the glitter.

6. Place the paper down on a flat surface and allow the glue to dry completely. The time it takes to dry will depend on the amount of glue used.

7. Hang your personal fireworks design on a refrigerator, wall or in a window.

4th of July craft
Photo by Heather M. Ross


Crafty Cleanup

Wondering how to clean up all the glitter that didn’t quite make it onto the paper? Try using Play-Doh or Silly Putty. Once you cover one side of the material, simply knead it until you have more open surface. If you don’t have this modeling compound on hand, a wet paper towel or a lint roller can also do the trick.


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