99 Days of Summer

Two more weeks until the start of school! Here are some activities to keep you busy for the last weeks of summer.

Aug. 19: Visit a butterfly garden (such as ladewgardens.com).

Aug. 20: Commit to flying a kite at least once this summer.

Aug. 21: Pitch a tent in your backyard or go camping at a local campground.

August 22: Visit a local amusement park.

Aug. 23: For a fun rainy-day activity, plan a trip to a local planetarium, such as the Davis Planetarium (mdsci.org).

Aug. 24: Make a glittery, stress-busting Calming Jar. (see preschoolinspirations.com for details.)

Aug. 25: Make a sandcastle at least once this summer.

Activities for Aug. 12-18

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Michon Zysman is the mother of a teen, tween and rising kindergartner. When not writing, she is knitting, rooting for the underdog and retaining her sense of wonder in this world. She lives in Pikesville.

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