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The Middle School Years


Does My Daughter Have ADHD?
Thought to be more common among boys, ADHD affects an equal number of girls. It just looks different.

Learn to Listen, Listen to Learn
Keep The Connection Workshops
Communication begins with listening.

The Middle Years
Betwixt & Between – Understanding Your Middle Schooler
What’s happening to the cute little kid you used to know?

A Program to Help Middle School Boys
PRAISE for Middle School Boys
Leadership, scholarship and integrity are the focus of this special program.

Moving from Elementary to Middle School?
Transitioning to a New School
Parents can help allay those new school fears.

Summer Interns
Volunteering for a Positive Future
What’s your teen doing this summer?

Proper Protocol for Addressing Problems in School
Tips for communicating with your child’s school
Addressing Problems without Being Pushy

Middle Schoolers Team Up
Local Middle School Students Team Up for Sports – and Much More
It’s more than a game.

Middle School Students Score Big with School Sports Programs
Middle School Sports
Lessons on the Field and Off

Addressing the School Bully
A Parent’s Best Moves
What to do if you child is the target of a school bully

Bridges over Troubled Waters
School Counselors Help with Back-to-School Troubles
Do you have a son or daughter starting middle school this year?