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Love Shouldn’t Hurt
Addressing Teen Dating Violence
Help stop teen dating violence.

Mood Swings, Risky Behavior…What’s Going On?
Are My Teen’s Attitude and Behavior Normal?
Normal teenage behavior can appear to be anything but normal.

OMG! Is Everything a Big Deal?
Taming the Teen Drama Queen
Coping with the drama of daily life.

When Food Means More than a Meal
Eating Disorders – Help for Your Teen
Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating…warning signs and help.

Warning Signs, Help and Hope
Where Do You Turn When Your Child’s Thoughts Turn to Suicide?
The teen years are often when serious mental illness presents itself.

Your Teen’s First Car
Striking the Balance Between Affordability and Safety
A sleek little sports car or an old jalopy? How to find a car that works for your teen (and you.)

What Did You Say?
Protecting Teens from Hearing Loss
I-pods, rock concerts, and even lawn mowers, are an assault on your child’s ears.

Just Say “NO”
Just Say “No”-Teaching Abstinence, Having a Choice
Parents encourage their children to practice abstinence.

What’s Up, Doc?
Time for An Adult Doctor?
What’s up? Your child! He’s older, taller and becoming an adult. Is it time to find a new doctor?

Winning At All Costs?
Teens and performance-enhancing substances
What you need to know.

Club Drugs
Get Educated on Their Use and Abuse
Is Your Child At Risk?

Social Networking
Keeping up with the changing face of Facebook
FB 411 for Parents.

Can Prepaid Debit Cards Curb Teen Spending?
It looks like a MasterCard. It feels like a MasterCard…
It isn’t quite what you think it is.

Personal Health Issues for Teens
Accepting increasing responsibility
Teens should also be learning about managing their health.

Teen Vaccines
Call the Shots
Children may also be at greater risk for some diseases as they enter their teen years.

Affordable alternatives to four-year colleges and universities
Discover the value of Maryland community colleges
Decisions, Decisions.

Drug Facts Chat Day
What Teens Want to Know About Drugs
Information from the National Institutes of Health.

Teen Drivers
Road Tips for Teen Trips
Nine Road Tips for Teens.

Helping teens who go veggie.
Learning to love veggies
Vegetarian and Vegan Resources and More.

How Much Do You Know about Teen Sexual Behavior?
A true-false quiz on teen sexuality
Get the facts.

Teens and cyber footprints
Be careful how you step
The potential dangers of social networking sites.

Got Teens?
Get Connected
Staying connected has been linked to positive outcomes in numerous adolescent health issues.