Superboys Day-to-day with two little heroes

I’m at the point where I have to run to keep up with my two-year-old charges, Danny and Lucas.  Lucas is my friend’s kid whom I nanny and who has become a second son.

April and the boys

As luck has it, the two boys are opposite zodiac signs, so I often manage conflicting personalities.  Don’t be mistaken though, the two boys are inseparable and are known throughout Southeast Baltimore as DannyandLucas. There’s not one without the other and they’re rarely without me.

Lucas says he’s “fast like a cheetah” and a superhero whose five powers include “build[ing] castles and dumping.”  He’s quite accurate with the latter.  Lucas can ransack a room in no time flat.  He’ll do it while making the room seem like a parkour park too—the kid can jump, tumble and dash with ease.

His undisclosed powers are his deafening and charming voice, his limitless and happy energy and his heal-all laughter.  Run into him on the street and he’ll likely say, “How you doin’, lady?” or “What’s up, bro?” My man Lucas knows how to work a room and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the kid.

Danny and Lucas

As for my other superhero, Danny, his powers include eating, whining, loquaciousness, a megabrain and tranquility. Danny eats. He eats and he eats and he eats.  Currently his favorite foods are our homemade fruit popsicles and steamed carrots. Not a single day goes by that he doesn’t have either one. It’s a good thing we have 30 popsicle molds in our freezer because the promise of a popsicle is just about the only thing that stops the kid from crying and whining.

My new mantra is “Use your words.” The kid cries and whines at the drop of a hat due to his sensitive nature. Poor kid and poor me! Other than his whining and crying, he’s a chill dude who loves to sing. Run into him on the street and he’ll likely sing you the National Anthem with the “O’s!” right on cue, or he’ll ask you how to say baby in Spanish and Swedish. How can you not love him?

I love them both dearly, but I also love when it’s their naptime. The two of them make me smile more than anyone else, but keeping up with them is mentally and physically exhausting.

Two times the fun

Lucky for me they go down easily.  Lucas runs up the stairs, enters his bedroom and jumps on his cot—I cover him, kiss his forehead, tell him to sleep well and that I love him. I then cross the hall to Danny’s room. I put Danny in his crib, cover him, tell him to sleep well and that I love him. As I exit, Danny says as he always does at this time, “Bye.  Sleep well.  See you in the morning when you wake up.”

He hasn’t figured out the difference between nap time and bedtime, but he does know that all superheroes should rest.

About April D. Flores

April D. Flores is a native Texan who moved to Baltimore in 1999 and now considers Charm City home. She, her son, and his best friend whom she nannies spend their days exploring and enjoying all that Baltimore offers. She is often surrounded by many children and friends and that's when she is happiest.


  1. Love reading your columns. Thy are two very lucky little boys!

  2. Sr. M Karen Kelly

    Beautifully written, but even more beautifully lived. Blessings on you and your boys, April,
    Sister Karen

  3. You rocked it, sista!

  4. April, its a blessing for Lucas to be around the two of you. He has learned so much about friendship with Danny that they seem like brothers. You’re a very good mentor for the both of them. We are grateful to have you and Danny in Lucas’ young growing years.

    The Grandparents, Ann & Lannie Logan

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