Saving Lives One Library Visit At A Time Now you can find CPR kits at BCPL's library of things

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Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) recently received a new addition to its library of things.

CPR kits, donated by the Baltimore Ravens, will help library customers practice and reinforce their CPR skills so they can be more prepared when it’s time to act.

According to the American Heart Association, 436,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest each year. Most of those cardiac arrests take place outside of hospitals. When performed correctly, receiving CPR drastically increases a person’s chance of surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

Each CPR kit contains a Mini-Anne manikin and a training DVD. There is also an attached QR code that sends users to a video on how to inflate the manikin.

According to the library, this addition is a result of the ongoing partnership between the Baltimore County Fire Department and BCPL to provide community CPR training and resources.

So, what is a library of things?

Did you know the library had more than just books, periodicals and digital media?

A library of things is a collection of objects rather than books, hosted by a library. BCPL’s library of things includes outdoor games, fishing poles, science kits, board games and more.

“A Library of Things is based on the premise of a shared economy. It allows community members to borrow items that may not be easily accessible or affordable, or there may be a limited personal use,” says BCPL CEO Sonia Alcántara-Antoine. “Borrowing these items from the library helps residents save money, reduces the environmental impact, and provides access—which is what we do at Baltimore County Public Library.”

Items in the library of things are available to any Baltimore County resident with an active library card. Residents can reserve a CPR kit for pickup or browse the library of things online at

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