Parent You Should Know: Vicki Brick-Zupancic

Vick Brick-Zupancic with her husband Evan and 2-year-old daughter Jordan | Photo courtesy Erica Ann Photography and Fine Art

What’s the hardest part about juggling parenthood and your career?

The hardest part is having enough time in the day for our daughter and our work. Time is the one thing that once it’s gone, you can never get it back.

What makes trying to balance both easier?

I have an amazing support system on both sides of the family and an awesome nanny. While I am working, I know that Jordan is getting the best care, allowing me to focus on what I need to do at work without worrying about her.

My husband and I believe in incorporating Jordan into our schedule instead of us adapting for hers. We take her out (when appropriate) so that we all can be social. We travel frequently with her (she has been flying since she was 3 months old). We expose her to new environments and people. She has become adaptable, which helps to make our lives a little easier.

Plus, we both work in the fitness industry and have a kids’ club at our health club. We also have the ability to take her to work, and she stays in child care for a few hours.

What do you love about being a parent?

I love watching her development. Jordan is at a great age where she is walking, talking and able to communicate with us. She is constantly learning new words, and it’s been amazing watching her discover the world through her eyes.

What’s your biggest parenting fail?

I was talking to my parents one night on speaker phone (hands free), and I had to get something out of the oven. I looked to make sure Jordan wasn’t around me when I opened the door. Out of nowhere, she ran up to the oven and she said, “Hot.” Jordan touched the inside of the door with her entire hand. I even heard a sizzle sound. I felt horrible. Fortunately, there was no blistering, and she didn’t burn her hand. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it sounded.

How has your family been handling the pandemic?

Our daughter was 7 months old when we were forced to close our business for three months. The positive part through all this was that we were blessed to be able to get the extra time with Jordan during the quarantine. After businesses reopened, we have been safely living our lives doing activities outside, enjoying family gatherings and traveling when possible.

What’s the one thing you hope your daughter learns from you and your career?

I hope my daughter learns to believe in herself, dream big and never let anyone tell her “it can’t be done.”

Title: CEO of Brick Bodies
Lives: Timonium
Family: Husband Evan Zupancic and her 2-year-old daughter Jordan

Family Favorites
Family Meal: Salmon and veggies. Jordan especially loves broccoli, green beans and peas.
Dessert: Dark Chocolate.
Book To Read Together: “We’re Different. We’re the Same” by Sesame Street. It’s Jordan’s favorite!
Way to Spend a Weekend With Your Child: Doing something outside, such as going to a park or having a picnic with extended family.
Vacation Spot: We love Miami and Kauai because the grandparents are there and can help watch Jordan so that my husband and I get a night out!


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