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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Sixty percent of American mothers employed full time grew up in a household with a mother who worked outside of the home as well. Research from the Harvard Business School suggests women whose moms worked outside the home are more likely to hold supervisory responsibility at their jobs and earn …

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Mom Life

Lives: Waltherson in Northeast Baltimore City Family: Spouse, Charmon; Children: Langston, 10, and Cimone, 6 Occupation: Communications Coordinator/Community, Health Worker for SiNERGe Tell us about your work and how you got in the field. My position with Sickle Cell improvement across the NorthEast ReGion through education (SiNERGe) is grant funded …

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Tough Topics

Last month, we talked to local teens about underage drinking. Now, we’ve turned to local parents to get their points of view. In collaboration with Washington Family, we also conducted a short online survey and some respondents agreed to be interviewed. Here’s what they had to say. Ninety-three percent of …

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World View

For the first time in her life my daughter, Grace, is roughing it. She’s been spending her junior year of college studying abroad. The first semester was spent in Italy with a lovely family. Her Italian mother cooked fresh meals for her every day. Grace had a beautiful room in …

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End In Sight

April 1 might have been April Fools’ Day, but there’s no time for fooling around as the long-awaited fourth quarter of the school year is finally here. Summer is right around the corner. But before you can head to the beach or plan all those backyard barbecues, pay attention to …

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Two-Day Dream Trip

Dogfish Head has taken crisp, clean, cleverly named beers, a truly unique company ethos, three towns in Delaware and in all has created much more than a company: It has created a culture. One sunny, off-season morning, I set out to spend two days immersed in this culture while staying …

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How to Make Spring Cleaning a Family Affair

See if this sounds familiar: Motivated by your New Year’s resolution to declutter, you binge-watched “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix in January and dutifully thanked a few pieces of outdated clothing and random kitchenware that no longer sparked joy in your life. You may have even inspired your …

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Never Again

Now that I don’t have to do them on a regular basis, there are chores that I am so glad I don’t have to do anymore. Making lunches is at the top of that list. So much so that I hardly ever make my own lunch. I buy lunch pretty …

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 Coping with kids and sick parents

Coping with sick parents while taking care of your own family is incredibly difficult. My mother, Ida Robinson, passed away this time seven years ago and I still carry guilt about the amount of time my children spent in doctor’s offices, hospitals and rehab facilities as I raced around town …

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Camps & Education

Park School

Founded in 1912, The Park School of Baltimore is an independent, gender-inclusive, non-sectarian progressive Pre-K through 12 school located on a 100-acre wooded campus minutes from the city. To get to know Park, talk to a student, engage a faculty member, follow the paths of its alumni, and consider the …

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Our Top Resources

Playing it Safe

youth sports during covid-19

During this pandemic, so many cherished routines have been sacrificed, and the loss of sports is one that really stings for lots of kids. Not only do sports provide a way to stay fit and have fun, but they are also sources of socialization and confidence. And, of course, they …

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