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Family Events in November: Baltimore’s Child

November is here! Check our family fun events we have in store for you this month, including spotlights on Native American heritage and charitable giving. Expand text and images by reading the digital version of this calendar here:

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How Parents Can Prep Kids for Daylight Savings Time

Handling Daylight Savings Time with grace can be a lifelong struggle, but it’s often hardest on the littlest ones who need the most sleep. We spoke to Dr. Jack Maypole, a pediatrician at Boston Medical Center and member of The Goddard School’s Educational Advisory Board, about tips for parents as …

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Summer Solved with Steve & Kate’s Camp!

If you have children, then you know planning for summer can be a challenge: Choosing a variety of activities. Planning around vacations and friends. Committing to weekly sessions 6 months in advance.  But with Steve & Kate’s Camp in Baltimore, your entire summer could be solved! Steve & Kate’s Camp, …

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Explore Music and Dance at the Peabody Preparatory this summer!

Explore music and dance at the Peabody Preparatory this summer! Whether you’re a beginner, a hobbyist, or pursuing serious study, we have something for you. Our weeklong specialty music and dance programs provide a fun yet focused space to hone your craft or try something new, private lessons provide a …

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Join us for Red Hot Summer Camps at Roland Park Country School

No matter what your child’s interest, Red Hot Summer Camps at Roland Park Country School will provide experiential, hands-on experiences led by talented and expert teachers in STEAM, Arts, Sports, Cooking, Performing Arts, and more! Whether your child is into running and soccer, or chess and theatre, Red Hot Summer …

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