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Inside the Aquarium’s Animal Care and Rescue Center

A bustling block of Fayette Street in Baltimore’s historic Jonestown neighborhood houses some unlikely neighbors: some of the National Aquarium’s most vulnerable rescued marine animals live on the block, finding a home inside a brand new, 56,000-square-foot facility, the recently opened Animal Care and Rescue Center. Baltimore’s Child was invited …

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Nervous? Who Me?

No one, from the tiniest preschooler to the oldest adult, ever really gets over those first-day jitters. Here are a wide variety of new books on that old topic, the first day of school. Board/Toddler ‘Lola Goes to School’ by Anna McQuinn Lola and her family are busy getting ready …

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A Smalltimore Dating Story

I had  just slid onto my stool at Union Brewery and taken a sip of my sour beer when the guy I was on a first date with started telling me about his job. “Oh, I know someone who works there,” I told him excitedly. “My friend, Jill.” He swigged …

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Preparing for the Next Shooting

One of my wife’s biggest fears has always been that if our 4-year-old son Danny is ever in an active shooter scenario, he will be shot dead. She thinks of this every time she sees him run, because he isn’t a speed demon. He skips and hops more than he runs. …

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Around the World on a Plate

When you send your kid away to summer camp, they will probably remember it as a time to let loose and have fun. They will run, play, laugh and make some new friends. What about trying out diverse foods from different cultures? Enter Chef Edward Evans, a Baltimore native and …

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The Heart of a Champion

We tend to think of sports health risks as things like bruises, broken bones, ACL tears and concussions. The heart health of an athlete is often assumed to be good because, after all, these players are generally in great shape. On the occasions when we hear of a young star …

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Grief and Gratitude, Part 2

Grief has a way of laying low while you go about the business of living your life and then, BOOM, seemingly out of nowhere rears its way to the surface. Has that ever happened to you? When you least expect it? It kind of takes your breath away. Grieving and …

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Baseball and Kisses

This season may be another tough one for Baltimore Orioles fans, but my cure for you is to attend some T-ball games. T-ball with 3-6 year olds is entertaining and a third of the time of an MLB game. My son Danny is in his first year of organized T-ball …

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Gardening with and for children

When my children were young we had a small vegetable garden that was a source of anticipation and picking pleasure for many years. The tiny shoots of green would sprout from the soil, optimistically becoming a salad large enough to feed the neighborhood. It was wonderful to celebrate the tremendous …

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2021 Summer Camps and Education

Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center

Located in northern Baltimore County, Genesee Valley’s summer camp programs maximize our farmland’s natural aspects, including our lakes, forest, and trails, to offer children opportunities to unplug and gain new experiences in nature. Programs are offered for ten weeks for campers ages 4-16 June through August. Campers can experience our …

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[email protected] Summer Classes

It’s time for kids to have fun again. CCBC is ready with a whole array of kids’ classes on campus and online filled with fun and learning. Whether you want academics, STEM, cooking or something more active, we have a class for that. CCBC has been offering summer classes for …

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Merritt Clubs Summer Camps

COVID-19 may have prevented children from meeting in person at school this year, but Merritt Clubs has a whole host of offerings to keep your kids entertained and engaged this summer. Our goal is to make sure that every child has the best summer experience ever, while of course keeping …

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From Our Partners

Meet the Camps: Camp Rock

In connection with the Baltimore’s Child Virtual Summer Camps and Activities Fair, we’re introducing you to some of the many summer camp participants. Today, you’ll meet Camp Rock. Learn more about the weekly themed summer camp sessions for ages 4-12. Watch our video interview below. Contact: Camp Rock | 410-665-7461

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Baby Essentials for New Parents

The first few months of a baby’s life are bewildering. New moms must decipher signs and symptoms without any sort of cheat-sheet. Why is she crying? Is it fatigue? Hunger? Pain? If only your baby could talk! Because there’s so much guesswork, it’s imperative that parents are prepared for everything …

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Our Top Resources

Playing it Safe

youth sports during covid-19

During this pandemic, so many cherished routines have been sacrificed, and the loss of sports is one that really stings for lots of kids. Not only do sports provide a way to stay fit and have fun, but they are also sources of socialization and confidence. And, of course, they …

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