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“The Secret Garden” at Center Stage

By Joyce Heid The scene opens with a young girl, all alone, facing the devastation of the sudden loss of her parents. Her world falls apart as she is torn from the people she loves and the only home she has ever known. Sent to live with a brooding uncle, …

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The Early Years – November 2015

By Denise Yearian Childhood shyness is a common concern among parents who fear their youngsters may be lacking or missing out on social situations. The truth is most reserved children do well in relationships once they hurdle unfamiliarity. To help your shy child build social confidence, start with small group …

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Family Matters – November 2015

By Molly Koch Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting with 35 teenage girls from the GirlsΓÇÖ Empowerment Mission, or GEM, a mentorship program now in its 11th year that continues to flourish under the leadership of founder Debbi Weinberg. This remarkable Living Classrooms Foundation program invites disadvantaged …

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