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Game On! – January 2016

By Patrick Gutierrez Rodney Johnson was some athlete. Johnson, whom I went to high school with 25 years ago in Southern California, was a classic three-sport star. Six-foot-two and blazing fast, he played football in the fall, once scoring five touchdowns to lead us to victory on homecoming night. In …

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Tech Talk – January 2016

By Sandra Gordon Handing our smartphones or iPads to our children can be a sanity saver on a long car ride or when we’re in line at the supermarket. But can letting them play Monkey Preschool Lunchbox or Temple RunΓÇöor even Skype with GrandmaΓÇöbe putting them in danger? Wireless devices …

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Your Special Child – January 2016

By Amy Landsman The door in a corridor at the Loyola Clinical Centers in Belvedere Square is blandly marked ΓÇ£storage.ΓÇ¥ Inside, however, stuffed from floor to ceiling, is a wonderland of toys: trucks, dollhouses, puzzlesΓÇöeven a mini basketball hoop. TheyΓÇÖre all tools of the trade for Loyola University Maryland graduate …

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