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B’More Healthy – January 2016

By Suzanne Pollak With winter comes sledding, snowmen, and—much less joyously—the inevitable runny nose and cough. But for the very youngest of our children, the typical cold symptoms can turn into more than just an inconvenience and are definitely nothing to play with. Almost all children have had a respiratory …

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Game On! – January 2016

By Patrick Gutierrez Rodney Johnson was some athlete. Johnson, whom I went to high school with 25 years ago in Southern California, was a classic three-sport star. Six-foot-two and blazing fast, he played football in the fall, once scoring five touchdowns to lead us to victory on homecoming night. In …

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You Have the Right to Refuse:

By Joanne Giza 26, 46, 14, 16. No, that series of numbers isn’t Joe Flacco barking out a play on third-and-long. It’s the number of hours third-graders spend taking standardized tests annually in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Howard County, respectively. That’s a lot of hours—way too …

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