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Teen – July 2008

Are my teen’s attitude and behavior normal? A new website by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America offers insight into understanding why adolescents think and act the way they do. When thinking about your teen, have you ever wondered: “Who is this kid?” or “Why does my teen do that?” …

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Teen – July 2009

Teens and cyber footprints: Be careful how you step. By S.C. Torrington Way back in the twentieth century, privacy was paramount to teenagers. But in today’s Internet world, social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook allow teens to tell all online—from mundane routines to intimate details to wildest fantasies. …

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Got Teens? Get Connected

By Melisa Holmes, M.D., and Trish Hutchison, M.D. In today’s high speed, sexually charged, just-do-it culture, what parent wouldn’t want his or her teen to have the best safety net possible? Parents who stay connected with their kids have a crucial advantage, because this “connectedness” has been linked to positive …

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