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Common Core: Help Implementing CCSS in Your Classroom

If you are a public school teacher in Maryland, you are probably spending most of your professional development hours figuring out how to interpret the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and implement the new state curriculum in your classroom. Along with 45 other states and Washington, D.C., Maryland has adopted …

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Technology to the Rescue!

Technology is playing a significant role in the way educators teach and students learn. Innovative educators are taking advantage of it and using it to reinforce and expand on the concepts taught in the classroom. The Internet is teeming with free and inexpensive online teaching resources for help with lesson …

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Crazy for Contests

This wide assortment of contests includes those that are school competitions and others that are independent projects that must be submitted to judges. A few are personal challenges as opposed to team competition. Many contests accommodate home educating co-ops and families.  General/ Multi-Discipline Amazing Kids! Magazine, [email protected], 206-331-3807. All ages. Online …

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