Mom on the Move Christine Michel Carter

Lives: Baltimore

Children: Maya, 6; West, 4

Occupation: Writer and global marketing strategist

Tell us about a typical day of work for you. First of all, do you have a typical day?
There is no typical day of work. I’m a global marketing strategist by day and writer by night, writing for TIME, Health, Ebony, Black Bride, Retail Customer Experience, Inc., Women’s Health and many others. I have become a voice for millennial moms (and uniquely, young black female professionals and mothers) and labeled a thought leader for marketing to millennial consumers, so I could very well be attending a conference in the morning and speaking at one in the afternoon! It’s insane, but motherhood has already taught me to expect the unexpected.

What is the best part of the job?
My writing continues to evolve, but the best part is how frequently I get to swim in the blue ocean. When I write, editors often ask me to explore predictions and possibilities about black millennials and mothers. I’m especially excited when I’m able to marry insights and data with gut hypotheses.

What is the most challenging?
The most challenging part of my job has nothing to do with the role and everything to do with me. Like most successful millennial professionals, I struggle with impostor syndrome, often attributing my accomplishments to luck rather than to ability, and fear that others will eventually unmask me as a fraud. I have to constantly remind myself that impostor syndrome is just another form of my anxiety rearing its ugly head.

How do you balance work with parenting?
I’m blessed to have a flexible schedule professionally, and this allows me to put what truly matters to me first: my children. I have the opportunity to attend more class parties and recitals than other mothers, and that’s a blessing I recognize and do not take for granted. Also, my aunt is a fantastic support system for both my personal and professional life. She’s there at a moment’s notice if I need to work a little late or travel for business.

Tell us about your career path. What led you to where you are?
I’ve had a unique career journey, but in every role I’ve formed business strategies and advocated for disruptive, innovative decisions. At just 20 years old, I was the director of marketing for Fire & Ice (jewelry and gift retailer). A couple years later, I started my own retail marketing firm called Epps Consulting, supporting small business Baltimore retailers like Lingerie Lingerie and working with Downtown Partnership of Baltimore to stimulate downtown’s retail economy. I also oversaw the citywide integration of Zipcar when it launched in 2010.

What do millennials bring to parenting and family relationships that other generations haven’t?
Unlike other generations, millennials are unapologetic about our passion for being parents and we emphasize the importance of family in every aspect of our lives. In the workplace, other generations are much more willing to negotiate, compromise and sacrifice personal needs. Not so much with us ’80s and ’90s babies. We perceive older generations as less lively and working for paycheck over purpose, and in the workplace, we value deep relationships which further our career over more superficial professional connections.

What are you looking forward to in your career?
I’m looking forward to continuing my writing, because it’s not only shaping me into a better professional but helping other mothers as well. My articles are all intended to be thought-provoking or inspiring pieces for the diverse women of the world juggling a career and family. I’m passionate about millennial women, black women, millennial moms because they are me, and I want to see them represented in a positive light.

How do you spend your free time?
What free time I have can’t even be considered free time, because my kids aren’t far away. I take them to the gym with me and work out at Brick Bodies. I’m such a strong advocate for working out, because it’s another (somewhat) form of “you” time. It’s your moment to feel proud of yourself, amazing, refreshed, energized and inspired because of your efforts. BC

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