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Mom Life Shelly Ann Winokur

Shelly Ann Winokur

What inspired you to create the Kiss Kiss Goodnight skin care products for babies and moms?

I founded Kiss Kiss Goodnight based on my experience as a chemical engineer and a momma of four.

As an engineer, I noticed a disconnect between scientific research on how we should cleanse and care for a baby’s skin and society’s current standards. This disconnect is leading to an increase in sensitive skin and skin ailments like eczema. Kiss Kiss Goodnight uses scientific evidence to create skin care and skin care rituals that help protect the vital components of a baby’s skin, including the skin barrier, microbiome and acid mantle.

Our products are made with plant-based ingredients that have been trusted by mothers for centuries, from countries all around the world. We formulate with meticulously extracted, cold-pressed and organic botanical ingredients rich in essential omegas, vitamins and minerals; these ingredients complement the skin’s natural moisturizing agents.

Still, I understand that at the end of the day, families care about connecting and finding peace of mind. I know how exciting and sometimes long the days can be. Like most parents, I worked on my passion projects at night when my kids were asleep. My passion was making plant-based skin care that not only nurtured my children’s developing
skin but also helped lull them to sleep. The gentle massages and soothing milk bath were the perfect end to the day for my children and the perfect transition to my me-time. At Kiss Kiss Goodnight, we want to share our products to help other parents create meaningful nighttime rituals with their children and savor some time for
themselves during the “long days.”

What are the five things you can’t live without?

My ideas notebook, my favorite sweater, Sweet Whisper Face and Hydrating Lotion (from Kiss Kiss Goodnight), Control + F (the Find button on the computer keyboard) and my books (this is a cheat, but a good one).

What’s your favorite household chore?

Shopping at Target … just getting toilet paper and cereal can be amazing. I even take a kid or four with me.

What do you love most about being a mom?

Watching my kids do something they are really proud of, like finishing a long book, making a meal for the family or learning to ride a bike.

What do you find challenging about raising kids?

The self-doubt—am I doing this right?

How do you take care of your mental and physical health?

Being a momma of four, I do crave being alone and in the quiet. I wake up early to get my thoughts together and let the kids watch a movie with the baby while I exercise (walk, run or do CrossFit). I hide and steal moments during the day as needed. My husband and I also try to take turns and try to support each other’s mental and physical health.

Shelly Ann Winokur and her family

What do you and your family love to do together?

Hiking, swimming, reading aloud and watching cool ’80s family movies or Disney movies.

What’s something that makes balancing parenthood and your career easier for you?

My husband and I try to block times when we work and times we spend with the kids. The pandemic makes this near impossible, but it’s the goal. I never truly feel balanced. Some days, the kids don’t get as much attention as they want because I need to finish a project, and some days are fun Fridays and we do crafts, bake, go biking and watch a movie.

What’s a future ambition or goal you’d like to achieve?

I would like to grow my business so that it fully provides for my family and my husband can work on his entrepreneurial goals. I would also love to see Kiss Kiss Goodnight help other families fulfill their goals through our support of literacy and our girls’ education social mission.

Get to know Shelly Ann Winokur

Title: Founder and formulator, Kiss Kiss Goodnight products

Lives: Lutherville-Timonium

Family: Annabelle, 11; Maxwell, 9; Zachary, 7 and Penelope, 1

Photography courtesy Rebecca Wyatt Photography

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