Meet Beth Tfiloh PreSchool Director Laurie Okin, M.Ed., Child Advocate and Confidence Builder 

Connecting with others on a deeper level is not foreign to Beth Tfiloh’s new PreSchool Director Mrs. Laurie Okin, M.Ed. After sixteen years as a school counselor working with students facing social and emotional challenges, Laurie has developed a keen ability to meet each child where he or she is and help children use their strengths as a mechanism for growth.

In her new role as Beth Tfiloh’s PreSchool director, Laurie has immediately settled in, meeting with teachers, parents, and of course holding the hands of many a child as they start their day at school. As both a parent of young children herself, and a human services professional, she knows all too well the importance of advocating for your child as a parent as well as advocating for the needs of her teachers and staff. Her penchant for helping others find the tools that help them to be their best selves is obvious upon meeting her, as she can frequently be heard saying, “The confidence you instill in children can change the world.“

Okin’s passion to promote the personal growth of her students and their families is evident as she views every situation through a social-emotional lens and it is already apparent that this resonates throughout the Beth Tfiloh PreSchool as a whole. As she works diligently to connect with everyone she meets, she has laid the foundation for building meaningful relationships within the PreSchool community and fostering the nurturing and supportive environment for which the Beth Tfiloh PreSchool is known.
Come meet Laurie in person! Call 410-413-2348 or email [email protected] to set up a personal tour of Beth Tfiloh’s PreSchool and see their warm, caring teachers in action.

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