Little Medical School of Baltimore — inspire your aspiring doctor!

Does your child want to be a nurse, doctor, veterinarian or other healthcare professional? What if they could actually go to a mini-medical school? They can at Little Medical School of Baltimore! Little Medical School of Baltimore is STEM enrichment program that focuses on exposing kids to various healthcare professions.

Little Medical School incorporates the use of role-playing and fun, interactive demonstrations with academic theory allowing children to simulate medical school experiences. What kinds of things to do they learn? Well, they learn how the body and organs work, learn to use medical tools to assess patients (of humans and animals), apply first aid procedures, practice suturing and so much more. Kids learn real skills while having a great time. And yes…the kids wear lab coats just like real doctors and nurses.

The innovative, hands-on curriculum was developed by a team of board-certified physicians, along with experienced child educators, and is designed to actively engage and inspire young minds. All of the programs are as fun as they are educational, and support current initiative of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) education. It’s definitely edutainment!

Little Medical School offers a variety of programs for elementary-aged children including internal medicine, veterinary medicine, pediatrics, dental, pharmacy, nursing, wilderness medicine, nutrition and even sports medicine. They also have a MedSchool4Teens program for children in middle/high school. Curriculums can be customized for after school programs, scout meetings, in-class field trips and summer camps.

Want to sample a little of what this program is all about? Try out one of their classroom-in-a-box kits. It will give you great insights into the uniqueness of these programs. It is a perfect birthday or holiday gift for your aspiring doctor! Click on this link to shop:

Want to bring Little Medical School to your summer or break camp, afterschool programs, in-school field trip, or group? Check out their website or call (410) 994-8494.
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