Let’s Party! 10 Festive Reads

Spring and summer are great seasons for parties. Gather your friends for birthdays, summer fun or any occasion you have to celebrate! These books cover all things party and more for both kids just learning about parties and those who are party pros.

By Howard County Library System Children’s Instruction & Research Specialist Jean Boone and Senior Teens’ Instructor & Research Specialist Carmen Jessop

Board Books

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar at the Bakeshop”
by Eric Carle
Follow the Very Hungry Caterpillar as he discovers delectable treats in the bakeshop. Bright colors, simple shapes and raised panels create exciting sensory experiences for the littlest listeners and opportunities to talk about colors, shapes, numbers and party food!

“Max’s Birthday”
by Rosemary Wells
Birthday celebrations don’t always go as planned. Max isn’t sure he likes Ruby’s present, but when it creates chaos, he is all in!

Picture Books

“Going Up!”
by Sherry J. Lee
There’s a birthday party on the 10th floor! As the elevator travels up, up, up, each stop brings new guests with their party treats and packages. These friendly, diverse and colorful neighbors burst from the pages, giving the reader (and the birthday celebrity) a wonderful surprise.

“Celebrate with Me!: Recipes, Crafts, and Holiday Fun from Around the World”
edited by Laura Gladwin
In this collection, 25 people from around the world share their favorite holidays and ways to celebrate—from a game to play on Father’s Day to henna handprints for Eid Al-Fitr, nature art for the summer solstice and recipes for treats from a wide variety of cultures. With lively illustrations and detailed instructions, this book will inspire you to party all year long!

Elementary Books

“Klawde, Evil Alien Warlord Cat: The Spacedog Cometh”
by Johnny Marciano
Klawde, a cat emperor exiled to Earth from another planet, is cunning and brilliant, and he’s Raj’s best friend. But Klawde and Raj together face an unexpected challenge: Raj’s grandmother who has arrived with an intergalactic DOG and plans for an embarrassing birthday party for Raj. What kind of wild celebration will ensue? Fans of “The Bad Guys” and “Binky the Space Cat” will love this book and series.

“Party Planning Projects for a Lazy Crafternoon”
by Stella Fields
A DIY crafter’s dream, this book offers great ideas for party decorations, gifts and fun food kids can make with their friends. You’ll find bright photos of 12 enticing projects, with a clear list of required supplies and simple instructions. Your party is in the bag!

Middle Grade Books

“The Big, Fun Kids Baking Book”
by Food Network Magazine’s Kids Cookbooks
The ultimate kids’ cookbook for beginner bakers, this collection is packed with more than 110 recipes for easy sweets and treats, such as muffins and quick breads, brownies and bars, cookies, cupcakes, sheet cakes and more. Written with young bakers in mind, this fun-filled book includes activities such as food crafts, trivia and word scrambles.

“The Case of the School Ghost” (The Buddy Files series)
by Dori Hillestad Butler, illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau
It’s the night of Four Lakes Elementary School’s fourth grade sleepover, and Buddy is invited. Mr. Poe, the custodian, tells the story of Agatha, the girl who haunts the school. When secret notes, banging and a mysterious voice take over the sleepover, Buddy is determined to find out if the ghost rumors are indeed true.

Teen Books

“How (Not) to Ask a Boy to Prom”
by S.J. Goslee
Nolan Grant is 16, gay and has never been kissed. It’s not like Penn Valley is brimming with prospects. When his big sister stages an elaborate “prom-posal” so Nolan can ask out his not-so-secret crush, Nolan freezes. He’s saved from further embarrassment by bad boy Bern, who, for his own reasons, offers to fake-date Nolan. What could possibly go wrong?

“You Should See Me in a Crown”
by Leah Johnson
Liz Lighty has always done her best to avoid the spotlight in her small, wealthy and prom-obsessed midwestern high school. Instead, she has concentrated on her grades and her musical ability in the hopes that she will win a scholarship to the elite Pennington College with its famous orchestra, where she plans to study medicine.

But when that scholarship falls through, she is forced to turn to her school’s scholarship for prom king and queen, and she makes discoveries about her own identity and the value of
true friendships.


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