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Late Elementary

Issues for Families and Children in the Late Elementary Years


When You No Longer Need a Nanny
7 Steps to Help Your Nanny Find a New Job
Now that you no longer need your nanny, here’s how to help her or him find a new job.

The Fine Line
Raising Self-Esteem without a Pedestal
Is there such a thing as too much praise?

Getting It All in Order
Executive Dysfunction-A Stumbling Block for Children of All Abilities
Getting organized is the first step for academic success.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
When Friends Move Away
Helping children when their best friend must relocate.

Beating the Bugs
What To Do If Your Child Has Head Lice
Don’t panic when you get that note from the school nurse.

What Me Worry?
What Kids Worry About: Not What Some May Think
We think of childhood as a carefree time. Is it?

So Much to Do!
Balancing School, Activities and Downtime
Avoid the “Hurried Child” syndrome.

Who’s in Charge?
How Do You Spell Cooperation?
Can’t get your kids to listen to you? Read this!

Latch Key Kids
Home Alone: Is Your Child Ready?
How to assess your child’s readiness to stay at home while you’re away.

Moving to Third or Fourth Grades Can Be a Significant Transition
Parents may be surprised
Expect greater expectations.

All in Good Time
The Importance of Age-Appropriate Sports
The value in making sound decisions about what athletic activities are appropriate based on a child’s developmental stage, personality, and physical abilities.

Portrait of a Bully
The first step in helping a child end aggressive bullying behavior is trying to better understand what that child is feeling.

Keep Harmony in the House
Practical Advice about Practicing Music.
No more musical meltdowns!
Got a Problem with the School?
Proper Protocol for Addressing Problems in School Helping Your Child in School…without Being Pushy
How you approach a school problem will determine your success.