Meet a Kid-Preneur!

The Girl Scouts are getting ready to once again sponsor Biz Kidz, a five-week series that teaches young female entrepreneurs in grades three to 12 how to craft a business plan, develop marketing, create a pop-up and essentially be the boss.

The class culminates in Market Day with a “Shark Tank”-like competition which awards winners with scholarships, laptops or other prizes. Market Day will be held on May 18.

Who competes? Meet one of the kid entrepreneurs who is participating this year.

Entrepreneur: Kaelyn, 10

Business: DBK

Product: Bath bombs

Insights: “I started my business because I have sensitive skin and the bath bombs that I would get from stores would irritate me. I think that almost everyone may be in need of relieving stress or just to relax so I started selling my bath bombs to help solve that issue. I also realized that anyone can start a business if they want to, but they should make sure that the business is something that they enjoy. If you start a business that you do not like, then you will not want to do it and then you may just give up. By starting a business that you like, it can fill a need and be very enjoyable and fun.”

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