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Articles to Help You with the Early Years

Learning to Walk
All Children Go at Their Own Pace

The Bare Necessities – Baby Basics
What to Buy for Baby
Stocking a nursery for the arrival.

Beyond Baby Blues
Find Relief From Postpartum Depression
How is it that one of the happiest events in life can be followed by profound sadness?

Baby’s First Doctor
Healthy Choice: Find the Right Pediatrician for Your Child
Finding the first medical caregiver for your new baby.

Breastfeeding: Well Worth It
Breastfeeding: Not Always Easy, But Well Worth the Effort
Medical research indicates that “breast is best” for baby.

Child Care for Your New Baby
Infant Child Care – Center or Family Day Care?
Choosing child care is an important decision. What will work best for you and your baby?

Smooth as a Baby’s Bottom!
Infant Skin Care: Easy Does It
Delicate skin requires special care.

When you’re Pregnant…
When to Call your Doctor
Telling the difference between benign and serious symptoms

Grandparents Make First-Rate Babysitters
All in the family
Grandparents as Child Care Providers

Postpartum Depression
Depression Strikes Many Moms of Young Children
Signs of Depression in Mothers

When Baby Makes Four
Dogs and Newborns
How will your dog react to a new member of the family

The Simple Art of Touch Benefits Babies and their Parents
Bonding by touch
Learning about infant massage

Thinking of Delivering Early?
Know the risks

Water Babies – Infant Swim Programs
Learning to Love the Water
From Bath Tub to Swimming Pool

Flu Shots
Flu Shots Recommended During Pregnancy
You may think you can sit this season out because you’re pregnant. But you shouldn’t

When Baby Makes Three
Make Room for Daddy
Ways to Include Dad

Newborn Screening
Newborn Screening Protects Babies’ Health – Even Lives
It’s come a long way, Baby!

Developmental Milestones
An Early Warning System for Possible Delays
Knowing what to expect and when is vital to spotting delays as early as possible

Labor of Love
How Parents Deliver the Perfect Name for Their Baby

Out of the Mouths of Babes
What are the skills that lead to language?
The seeds of communication start long before babies say their first intelligible word

Ready, Set…Go!
Track Your Baby’s Physical Development in the First Year of Life
Insights into the major physical milestones that tend to take place in the first twelve months.

Boy or Girl?
Who Wants to Know?
On the fence about whether or not to learn your baby’s gender before delivery… knowing what other expectant parents have decided, and why, may clarify your decision.