5 More New Titles

Finished your summer reading? Here are five more new titles for grownups.

‘I’m Fine And Neither Are You’

By Camille Pagán

For a long time, Penelope Ruiz-Kar has had the weight of the world on her shoulders. Well, the weight of her family’s world at least. From being the primary provider in a family of four to struggling with the reality that her marriage isn’t what it used to be, she feels nothing could make her life worse. When tragedy strikes her best friend Jenny’s life, a woman whom Penelope had previously envied, both women decide it’s time to make some changes.


‘Lost Children Archive’

by Valeria Luiselli

Valeria Luiselli’s first novel in English, “Lost Children Archive,” follows the journey of an unhappy couple. When the narrator’s husband decides to go to Arizona to visit the homeland of the Apaches, she follows in hope of seeking out the missing children of a woman she helped in New York as well as recording the conflict at the border. Referencing and humanizing flood of unaccompanied children detained at the U.S-Mexico border in 2014, this enthralling account sheds light on the current situation of parents and children being separated at the border.


‘Sing to It: New Stories’

by Amy Hempel

One woman wrestles with a choice she made as a teen, another spends her days caring for dogs before they’re set to be euthanized, and another looks into her husband’s elusive affair with an older woman. Amy Hempel captures the most inner thoughts of her characters in yet another collection of stories that will entrance readers.


‘The Bride Test’

by Helen Hoang

Convinced his autism has rendered him incapable of showing any emotion other than a general irritation or the occasional feeling of contentment, Khai Diep believes love isn’t in his cards. His mother, however, sets off to Vietnam to find a suitable wife for him. This is when readers meet Esme Tran, a girl who has felt out of place her whole life and gets Khai thinking about love in a different way.


‘Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors: A Novel’

by Sonali Dev

This is the first book in a new series by Sonali Dev that follows the Rajes family in San Francisco. In this title, readers meet heralded neurosurgeon, Dr. Trisha Raje, the black sheep of her Indian American family, and DJ Caine, a chef who is nothing like the good doctor. But their paths keep crossing in the ways that evoke Jane Austen and her characters.

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