First Grade? First Bicycle. Photos from the Oct. 2022 Bicycle donation by Can'd Aid at North Bend Elementary

Sixty-five first graders received free bicycles at North Bend Elementary/Middle School earlier this month, where professional mountain biker Jeff Lenosky shared safety tips and encouraged the kids to get outside and stay active.

Early on Friday, Oct. 14, volunteers showed up again, after having helped build the bikes the previous evening, to unload and hide them behind a U-Haul near the playground at the Baltimore school.

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A man does a trick on a bicycle. This man is Jeff Lenosky.
Jeff Lenosky riding past the first grade class | Photo by Heather M. Ross
Jeff Lenosky jumps over people on his bike.
Jeff Lenosky jumping over volunteers from Legends Limited | Photo by Heather M. Ross
The shiny spokes of a bike wheel.
The shiny red new bikes received by children at North Bend Elementary | Photo by Heather M. Ross
A group of 3 children pose next to a bicycle.
A group of first graders pose confidently with
one of the new bicycles | Photo by Heather M. Ross
A woman with dark hair places a bike helmet on a child's head.
Kassi Ackerman from Can’d Aid helps a child try on their new bicycle helmet | Photo by Heather M. Ross


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