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Early Elementary

Help for Children in the Early Elementary Grades

Boys’ Brains
More than Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
Science proves what parents have known all along: Boys really are different from girls.

If You’re Happy and You Know it…
Benefits of Laughter in the Family.

Getting Ready to Read
Early Learning – Ready at Five
Lay the ground work to ensure that your child is ready to learn.

When the Letters and Words Don’t Make Sense
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How to Help Your Struggling Reader
When reading doesn’t come easy, parents can help.

Ready to Read?
Is Your Child Ready to Read?
Trying to decide if your child is ready for formal instruction? Here are the signs.

K-to-8: Is it Great?
The pros and cons of K-to-8
They’re not all the same.

Do School Lunches Serve Our Students?
Nutritional Reviews and More.

Recess – Ready…or Not?
Give the Kids a Break!
A Reminder of the Importance of Recess.

From Kindergarten to First Grade
Big Change, Big Challenge
Changing teachers can be difficult for students.

Full-Day Kindergarten?
Full-Day K is A-Okay
An evaluation of full-day kindergarten.

Head Lice
What To Do If Your Child Has Head Lice
Treating this common childhood condition.

Kindergarten in the 21st Century
Is Your Child Ready?
Kindergarten Programs can vary greatly.

How Much is Too Much Homework?
The Homework Myth
Where to draw the line.

The Benefits of Childhood Myths
Once upon a time
Mythology can serve an important function.

Learning in Style
Coordinate Your Child’s Study Habits with How They Learn Best
Knowing a child’s learning style can help parent’s create effective study techniques.

Get a Read on Learning Disabilities
The basics of defining and evaluating Learning Disabilities.

How Do You Know if Your Child Is Gifted?
You know your child may be gifted when…