David Ross Orthodontics Opens Office at Green Spring Station Orthodontic team dedicated to ‘Aligning Happiness,’ smile after smile

Dr. David Ross, David Ross Orthodontics

“Aligning Happiness.” It’s a phrase that’s more than a tagline for the orthodontic specialists at David Ross Orthodontics. It’s about bringing people together to put smiles on their faces. On Friday, Aug. 20, David Ross Orthodontics will open a new location at Green Spring Station in Lutherville-Timonium to serve families in the Baltimore area.

The practice, which has called home to Hanover, Pennsylvania, for the past nine years, offers the highest quality orthodontic experience that’s personal for every person’s smile.

“We’ve created such a great patient experience for orthodontic treatment for children teens through adults, and we’ve enjoyed bringing that experience to the Hanover community,” says Dr. David Ross, board-certified orthodontist and owner of David Ross Orthodontics. “We’re excited to bring our vision for how we do orthodontic work, our experience for patients, our ability to have great customer service and desire to give back to the community to the Maryland area. We wanted to be able to bring that experience to (patients) who were unable to travel to us (in Hanover).”

When it comes to the patient experience, Dr. Ross explains that he and his team focus on not only making connections with people but also making people feel like they’re part of the family. “I think my entire team and I go the extra mile to make sure someone’s happy,” he says.

Ross’s concept of family-friendly orthodontic service began with a single question: “How do you want to feel?” Treating people with respect, Ross says, is fundamental to the core mission of his orthodontic practice. “We didn’t want our business to be an orthodontic office. We wanted it to be an experience that we want people to recognize,” he says. “Our tagline ‘Aligning Happiness’ represents bringing people together to make them happy. That’s not just for the patients and their families. It’s also about the community, involving them in the process, and our team.”

Parents may wonder when is the best time to bring children to see an orthodontist. Ross says that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends scheduling a consultation as early as age 7. At this age, an orthodontic specialist can make sure that everything related to tooth development is coming along in the right way and on time.

Advancements in orthodontic treatments mean that David Ross Orthodontics can provide orthodontic treatments ranging from clear aligners (Invisalign) and clear braces to treatments for TMJ-related issues. “No matter what, we’re going to work hard to give you the best smile possible,” he says.

Beyond the office façade, David Ross Orthodontics values the importance of lifting up community. Over the last several years, Ross and his team have supported organizations such as Toys for Tots, Operation Gratitude, STOMP Out Bullying and the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America. Ross says that his team’s vision for community support for the Baltimore community will be taking shape over the next few months.

“One of the biggest things that I think we do the most is giving back and supporting schools,” he says. “Education is super important to me. I talk about that a lot in our office with kids, telling them about the importance of education and going to school.” Through donations of hand sanitizer to schools and presentations on oral health to school students, Ross believes that his practice fosters support for education and schools in the community.

For more information about orthodontic treatments through David Ross Orthodontics, visit davidrossorthodontics.com or in person beginning Aug. 20 at 10801 Falls Road in Lutherville-Timonium, or call 443-901-3100.

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