Daily Kindness


When you and your kids are out and about this winter, keep your eyes out for a unique community project. Jessica Watson, founder of the Have a Nice Day Project in Baltimore, has made it her personal mission to spread happiness.

In 2015, Watson began a series of booster events, bringing together diners and bar patrons to decorate cup sleeves with positive messages, fun jokes, doodles and more. The sleeves are then distributed at local coffee shops.

Most recently, sleeves were given to Cafe Jovial, a coffee shop in Pigtown.

Patrons have taken to social media to share their gratitude. “Create your own sunshine” one sleeve read and its owner praised the idea of “having a message to start your day off right.”

Watson posted back, saying this, “is exactly why I do what I do.” Have a Nice Day has distributed 5,000 cup sleeves so far and hopes to bring more small acts of goodness to a location near you soon.



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