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Schooltime Stories and Spooky Tales Conjure Up Reading Adventures With These 10 Books

Make back to school and Halloween memorable with these spirited book selections. Board Books   “Happy Halloween, Daniel Tiger!” by Angela C. Santomero Fans of “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” will enjoy reading about Daniel Tiger and his neighborhood as they prepare for Halloween. Daniel Tiger and his neighbors are dressing up …

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Baby girl crying on her first halloween party

Tame the Halloween Horrors Empathy and communication can help children ease their fears

  For some children, Halloween is a time to overindulge in candy, take on a new identity for a day and witness spooky decorations transforming houses into macabre homes. However, the holiday can be an anxiety-inducing stressful time for others. Ghosts, spiders, blood, the dark, scary costumes, goblins and clowns …

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5 Helpful Halloween Books for Kids Teach your kids about outside appearances, disguises and costumes with the following Halloween-themed tales.

“Go Away, Big Green Monster!” by Ed Emberley This classic interactive book has been helping children come to terms with their bedtime fears for more than 25 years. The storyline supports the idea that our imagination can make up things to scare us, but we have the power to eliminate …

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Peter Kaestner points to Lewisporte

Gerstell Academy Students Hear Firsthand Account From 9/11 Retired diplomat Peter Kaestner shares what happened when his flight was rerouted to Canada

None of the seventh graders in Nan Kaestner’s theater arts class at Gerstell Academy could tell you where they were on September 11, 2001. They were not even born yet. But as the terrorist attacks that occurred at the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, …

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Child on yoga mat

Finding Their Place on the Mat and in Life Holistic Life Foundation promotes healing and wellness in youth through yoga and mindfulness education

Twenty years ago, Andres Gonzalez set out on a mission to address suffering in the world. With his experience teaching yoga to diverse populations in the Baltimore area and beyond, he began to witness the transformative power that breath work, movement and off-the-mat practice could have in people’s lives. Together …

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