Your Special Child

How to Choose the Perfect Summer Program for Your Child with Autism

Summer camps and programs can be transformative experiences for children with autism, offering opportunities for growth, socialization and skill-building. However, selecting the right camp...

General Disability Resources

These pages are part of a special, expanded inclusive section in the October digital issue of Baltimore's Child. Read it here. 

Talking to Kids About Disabilities

“Why do you talk like that?” I heard the question come from behind me as I helped another child in the Sunday school class. “It’s...
Kids playing a sport on a grassy field outside.

Making Sports a Safe Space for Kids

Sports are a great way for kids to stay active, develop their social circle and gain confidence. That can be especially important for kids...
painting pumpkins. Photo by Charles Parker from Pexels

How to Have an Autism-Friendly Halloween

  For many families, Halloween is a holiday to unwind and have fun. But for children on the autism spectrum who rely on predictability to...
What to Ask

What To Ask When You Search for a School or Camp

Click the image below to download this school and camp checklist as a PDF.  This special needs checklist appears in the B’More Inclusive section of the October...
Word for Word

Word for Word: A Special Needs Glossary

Click the images below to download this glossary as a PDF. This special needs glossary appears in the B'More Inclusive section of the October...

The ABC’s of Special Needs

Click the image below to download as a PDF.  This special needs glossary appears in the B'More Inclusive section of the October 2021 issue of Baltimore’s...

Go Ahead, Dream about Your Child’s Future

For Monica, the impending conclusion of her son John’s high school education at Kennedy Krieger Institute was “like looking into the abyss. I didn’t...

Parenting a Procrastinator?

Michele’s daughter Isabella is known to her dance teachers as a promising young artist and athlete. Unfortunately, she’s also known as the kid who...