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Girl Scouts in Howard County have spent the past few weeks learning about the basics of business in a program called BizKids. They are learning how to craft a business plan, create a product and then market that product to potential customers. This five-week program culminates in a special Market Day during which they present their businesses to the community. The day also includes a “Shark Tank” –like competition on May 18. Winners earn scholarships, laptops and other prizes.

Baltimore’s Child has been supporting the Girl Scouts’ efforts by working with the young entrepreneurs in a blogging workshop. Here, in their own words, are some of the projects these business women and men are working on.

J’Pia Brickhouse
I was happy when my mother decided to take me to a painting workshop for a little mother-daughter time. When we were inside, we saw people of different ages coming together to produce art. The instructor was showing a finished example for what we were painting and it was a peaceful beach scene. However, the instructor also said that we could go rogue, and that’s exactly what I did. When I finished, I had created a starlit sky with a bright moon at the center and trees at the bottom. With JP’s Paintings, many can buy the artwork, and with the Painting Palace, people themselves can make their own masterpieces. I help people express the joy of art using emotions on canvas.

Zoe Latease
My name is Zoe and the name of my business is The Rep. Rep is short for “repousse” which is a type of art that is made with metal. This is a technique that is not easy to do. My art will be sold to different age groups. So, the next time you are looking for the thing that is missing in your house, think of The Rep and give me a call.

Amirah Stanley
Do you get worried about your pets when you leave? Well, I do, too. My product is a bag for your pets, specifically for cats and dogs. They like to go outside, too. So, let them have fun. With my Princess Bags, your pets can eat, drink, use the bathroom and sleep. It’s also very easy to put them on and very light weight. It’s comfortable for the pets and is very stylish.

Zoe Hughes
My name is Zoe Hughes and my business name is Zoe’s Bright Desserts. My business is baking desserts, such as pound cake cupcakes and sweet potato pie. My business is unique because you can get sweet potato pie all year around. Professional bakers and other kid bakers inspired me to be a baker. My target audience are men, women and kids. Next, I would like to grow my business locally. The advice I would give to aspiring kidpreneurs is to watch baking shows, videos and practice when you get a chance to and study.

Kole Hughes
The name of my business is “Hughes Basketball Clinics.”  I will help aspiring athletes with the skills necessary to be successful at the sport of basketball. My clinic will be a four-week program that is held on Saturdays in the Anne Arundel County areas. It will also offer guest speakers.

Victoria Dawson
Hi, my name is Victoria. My business is called Victoria’s Creations. We sell books, toys and games that are fun, awesome and educational. They inspire you to be happy.

Kaelyn Clark-Middleton
Hi, my name is Kaelyn Clark-Middleton and I am the founder of DBK. We specialize in making bath bombs and soaps for people with sensitive skin. My bath bombs and soaps are made with essential oils and all natural ingredients. Most of the bath bomb kits that I get from the store irritate my skin and most soaps that I get from the store make me feel like I still need to rinse off. My handmade bath bombs and soaps do not do that. They leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. I sell my products to women, men, teens and children. When you drop a DBK bath bomb in water, a burst of air comes up because of the citric acid and baking soda. This is a cool effect that makes your bath smell good and makes your skin feel good. In the future, I would like to make perfumes and candles. I would say to other people who want to create a business that you can do anything you want and you can achieve your goals if you put your mind to it.

Soondus Qudsi
How many times have you gone to the mall to look at clothes, and found them too tight, too short or too revealing? Don’t you wish these designers would make clothes that are loose, non-revealing and fashionable? Well, I have a solution for you. My product is clothes, but not the clothes you normally see. My clothes are fashionable and chic, while at the same time modest and non-revealing. There will be many different styles, from formal to business casual and everything in between. There will be fancy dresses, for going out and some comfy jeans for lounging around the house. My product will cost around $20 and up.

Lots of great ideas from young creatives — good luck to these young entrepreneurs!


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