Michon Zysman

Michon Zysman is the mother of a teen, tween and rising kindergartner. When not writing, she is knitting, rooting for the underdog and retaining her sense of wonder in this world. She lives in Pikesville.

Love It!

February book selections are all about love: stories about love itself, stories to share with those we love and stories that foster a love of reading, storytelling and togetherness. Our list was chosen with the help of JoAnn Fruchtman from The Children’s Bookstore in Roland Park. BOARD BOOKS: I Love …

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Leap of Faith

I was a formation skydiver in my pre-kid life, a hobby that in many ways prepared me for the exhilarating, dodgy and sometimes treacherous days of parenting. My coach, Fred, used to say that if a malfunction occurred, it was important not to waste precious time arguing with yourself about …

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