Jennifer Marino Walters

The School-Year Vacation Guide Making the most out of your time and money without compromising on education

A young person enjoys the ocean.

More and more families are traveling during the school year. Here’s how to minimize the impact—and maximize the benefits—of school-year vacations. Last January, my family took an epic 11-day vacation to Oahu, Hawaii. We swam, snorkeled, hiked and—most importantly—bonded. The best part? Our kids, twin boys in fifth grade and …

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Building Your Prenatal Care Team Learn what you should know about the different types of prenatal care providers

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Before you begin all the fun stuff such as decorating the nursery and picking out baby clothes, you’ll need to make an important decision: Who will help care for you and your baby during pregnancy and childbirth? Learn about your options so that you can put together …

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Visiting Museums with Kids As area museums open back up after COVID-19 shuttered them in 2020, learn how to enjoy them with your children.

Museums across the country are starting to reopen after being forced to close in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them, such as Baltimore’s Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum and the National Children’s Museum in Washington, D.C., are geared just for kids. But …

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Soothing Separation Anxiety for Your Pandemic Pets As your family returns to work and school, you can help your pets handle the transition

Whenever Adam Lopuch would leave his house to pick up food, drive the baby to day care or mow the lawn, his Labrador retriever, Bella, would go nuts. She’d bark nonstop. She’d jump on the windowsill, sometimes scratching off the paint. She’d pant. After Lopuch and his wife, Abbie, got …

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Stopping the ‘Summer Slide’ Experts discuss the reality of summer learning loss and share tips for how to prevent it

At the end of every school year, many parents start to worry about the “summer slide”— the loss of knowledge and skills attributed to summer break. But experts disagree on just how concerned parents need to be. In 2017, researchers from the Brookings Institution examined several studies related to summer …

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